Little Annie


Vintage photo of child in dress with white shoes and socks, restoration and colouring by Val Erde

This is Annie. She was my aunt.

When I knew her later in her life, Annie had a strong personality, always seeming to know what she wanted, but also she was a very kind-hearted woman. I expect she was similarly inclined as a child. She certainly looks as though she was!

I’ve had this photo for years, it’s been in the family for as long as I can remember but I only thought to colour it recently.  The colour of the dress will almost certainly not have been pink, but it just seemed right as her sister – my mother – was put into a lilac dress by their mother for a wedding, about a decade later, so I suspect that my grandmother liked dressing her children in warm colours.

As you’ll see in later posts, I love colouring photos of children. Look at those pudgy little arms and her nearly-neat hair in ringlets. And the white shoes and socks. Delightful!




12 thoughts on “Little Annie

    1. I don’t know – I had the same feeling when I came to your blog. Maybe from one of my previous blogs that I had a few years ago? One was Arty Old Bird, another was Absurd Old Bird. My memory is pretty shot these days, so I’ve forgotten a heck of lot of blogs I followed and that followed me.

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