Man and baby in garden



Isn’t this a lovely photo? A man and, presumably, his grandchild. Is it his first? His tenth? People had such big families in those days.

The seller I bought this photo from described the period as circa 1910 and birds as ‘turkies’.   I think that two or three are chickens, the third might be something else, but it’s difficult to tell and I’m no expert on fowl despite being very fond of wild birds. They don’t look like ‘turkies’ (turkeys) to me. Any ideas? I had a look online at some chickens that had similar markings and coloured them accordingly. The one viewable through the chair was in shadow so I didn’t colour it, just gave it a tint.

His shoes or slippers fascinate me. And his socks. Striped socks, well, not they’re not exactly rare, but those shoes. Would you wear slippers out of doors? Maybe you would. They seem too soft to be shoes. And, I don’t know why, but the whole photo – the man, his slippers, the pose, says ‘French’. Not sure why, that’s just what it says to me.

What does it say to you?

12 thoughts on “Man and baby in garden

  1. Definitely not “turkies” 🙂 The one behind the chair seems not quite chicken-like but can’t figure out what she might be. We raised a species of quail in high school biology and the head shape reminds me of those.

    Love how the trees pop. ❤

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    1. Glad the trees ‘pop’! 🙂 I’m still using an old screen (need to get a new one soon) and when I see these on a high-def one it makes all the difference! I’d wondered if the bird behind the chair is a pheasant – maybe a young one with a short tail, but who knows. Too big for quail but, yes, similar head shape.


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