Calm Couple


Above: before colouring. Below: after colouring.

I wanted there to be some cohesion in this photo so, after deciding that they looked like a very calm couple, I thought that it’d be nice to have her blouse match his suit.

At first I was going to make his suit a blueish grey, but this photo seemed to call for something warmer.

Don’t they look a nice pair of people? She’s looking off to the side as though she’s in a slight daydream. Their arms are gently touching. He’s holding on to his jacket and looking benignly at the camera.

I wanted to make her blouse fairly well-defined.  Dark browns and dark greens were fashionable in this sort of time period – if anyone’s reading who is of my age or older, you might remember the left-overs of this period that were still around in the 1950s: the sombre colours of paintwork in various types of buildings. So I used a green to match the dress and a reddish brown for the contrasting colour.   And I carried the colour theme over to the fabric on the chair, too.

I hope it works!


20 thoughts on “Calm Couple

    1. Mmm… I suspect that the photographers – then as now – have a lot to do with how people look. Apart from their own personalities, these two people are probably most relaxed because of the photographic set up, whereas a lot of people in these old photos are waiting ages for the camera to do its thing, so they set their faces into a grimace or frown or just try to keep their lips rigid. Some while back I came across a site that had a load of photos of Edwardians being themselves in candid shots (well, as candid as a photograph could be in those times) and they were amazing. Gone was all the stiffness and formality and, apart from the clothes and hairstyles they could have been from our present time.

      I had wondered about the creases in her sleeve. It’s too wide for a mourning band, and I think if she’d been in mourning she would have been wearing black and a more formal dress. It’s probably just an accidental crease. Unusually (again) for the period, I think she’s just so relaxed that she hasn’t noticed.

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