Elf children


Sometimes I have to give myself a smack on the hand when I buy vintage cards and photos as I am drawn to the most faded ones and, as I should know by now, not all of them are restorable. Sometimes there is so much mould or silvering that it’s barely possible to bring the image through, sometimes there are so many tears and cracks through vital details that I know it will be an impossible task.  So, when I saw this postcard online I thought “Well, I suppose I could give it ago… no harm in trying…”

I’m so glad I did. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m astonished at the amount of detail that I was able to bring out and the amount of depth I was able to restore.

I blanked out the background as it had too much damage to see anything in it clearly and, although this is something I don’t usually do as it can look too artificial, I think it has worked quite well. Perhaps it works because of how posed the children are.

I think this was intended to be a Christmas Greetings postcard (though the greeting that is so frequently on the front of the card is absent) and I like to think of its subjects as two little elf children.

Then I added colour. I didn’t want to add much variety as I wanted to keep the rural feel to it with the straw, wood and the children’s sack-like costumes. Hopefully it’s worked. What do you think?

Now I’d like to apologise for how few posts there have been. I’d intended to do one or two a week, but the computer that I normally work on decided that it didn’t want to work properly. I can put it on but it’s touch and go, so I’ve been doing the bare minimum on it til I can find its successor. It’s very old and doesn’t have enough space or memory so, rather than get it repaired, I’m hunting for a new one.

In other news, I’ve added Pinterest to my sharing buttons. To use it, click on the title of each blog post, then scroll down to the buttons. If there are no sharing buttons in a post it means I don’t want that post shared, but you can still reblog it on a WordPress.com blog.

If you want to see my Pinterest (which has been going for some time so I have the usual amount of wonder and rubbish as everyone else!) it’s here:


Click any of the boards to see their contents. My photocolouring board should be the first one. If you don’t have a Pinterest account you’ll need to create one to see all the content – or, if you want to ‘cheat’ there is an add on (for Firefox, that I know about, but possibly for other browsers) that allows you to look at the site without log-on.  If you do create an account – don’t be surprised if your life suddenly becomes shorter than you thought it would be! I avoided the site for years and then one day… well…

And as well as that, don’t forget I have a Facebook page for my photocolouring and my other vintage interests:


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