Who did you say you are?



See this?

and this?

and this?

Believe it or not, I don’t always colour the photos and postcards I collect. These are the original colour that you see. Or rather, part of the colour you see, because they are a cool red on silver. It’s a very strange (and to me, special) type of surface and technique that has been used. It isn’t possible to properly photograph or scan these to show them as they really look, so I’ve done just a tiny amount of adjustment to a couple of them to define the highlights and shadows. One I’ve left as it is – no adjustment at all, just straight out of the scanner. That’s the first one.

Please click two or more times on each one (it’ll open in a new window or tab) to see it at full size and to see the texture of the paper used. It’s like fine sand. Because of the texture and because of the poster-like quality of the images, these are difficult types of images to colour so, should I ever decide to do so – they will in no way resemble any of my other work. And this is something to bear in mind if you have any photos on textured paper or ones that are so old that the detail has begun to fade: it’s not always possible to ‘rescue’ them. With these, though… they don’t need rescuing, they just need appreciating as they are.

I haven’t yet been able to find out much about their technique or origin, maybe someone else can help?

Now, this is a slightly different post in more ways than just the obvious break from my colouring content (which will be back in later posts, don’t worry).

I’ve been wandering around the blogosphere and discovering new blogs and old. Of the latter, some were – and are – very familiar to me. To those bloggers, I say “Hello! Nice to see you again!” To the bloggers who have only really discovered me through Colouring the Past, and to those who have been wondering “Where do I know that person from?” here’s the answer….

This is not my first blog. I had a long, long blogging break to try and get my health a bit more under control (and mostly failed, but I’m no longer as much of a wimp about it as I was before!) but before that I had several blogs. Most were to do with art, one was focussed on my very silly and whimsical sense of humour (that comes out at the most inopportune moments, usually. I’ve been trying to keep it under control in this blog and I can tell you it’s taking a lot of effort!) and the humour blog became quite popular. The blogs some of you may have been familiar with were called Absurd Old Bird and Arty Old Bird.  I also had a nature-photography blog called Val’s Nature.

While I’d already been doing it for a few years privately, my photocolouring work first surfaced in the blogosphere circa 2004 on Livejournal (and I’ve forgotten the name of the blog I had there at the time). My results were variable. Some were excellent and others… not so much. I remember one I did of my mother as a child and made such a mess of it that I ended up putting in a psychedelic background to try to rescue it!  Then I sort of ‘hid’ for a while feeling very embarrassed and vowed not to show any again (but secretly wanted to have a blog just for it – which is this though, wow, did it take me a long time to do it!).

Then when I got my first or second blog on this site, I did some freebies for a few fellow-bloggers, not just photocolouring work but also the semi-abstract watercolour/digital hybrid art I was doing at the time. You can find some of those  here  and here.  (The links in those old posts to my contact, and blog, pages don’t work anymore as I no longer have them. If you find a website with the same name, it’s not mine anymore.) I think the first blog (Saffron and Silk) may now be defunct, but the second is a lovely blog that’s worth a look for her current and past, posts. The blogger’s name is Barbara Rodgers, and her blog is called By The Sea. I hope she won’t mind me linking to my old work in her posts.

So… as you can see, I’ve been around for quite a while. I’ve made a lot of friends on this blogging journey. I hope you are – or will become – one of them.

While my website is certainly to showcase my photocolouring work, it is more than that… the blog is for me to make connections, to discover new and old blogs and bloggers, to tap back into that vein of creativity that I had missed so much while I was taking my long ‘break’.

Thanks for being here, you make it all worthwhile.

Oh and…

I’m Val Erde.



19 thoughts on “Who did you say you are?

  1. Nice to read a bit more about you Val – I’m always somewhat bemused by folk who manage more than one blog, I have no clue how on earth do you do it 🙂 Mine is just a mish-mash of everything – whatever I’m thinking, feeling, doing at any moment………… . Anyway, as a new follower, I’m glad to meet you! Pauline

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    1. Most of my old blogs didn’t run concurrently, though Val’s Nature existed alongside one of the others. Mostly I posted more to one and less to another and the latter usually wouldn’t get many comments, so it wasn’t too much work. The reason I don’t make this blog as open-ended as my previous ones is because I need more attention to the photocolouring… otherwise things get a bit out of hand! 🙂 Nice to meet you too.


    1. Oh, I’m with you now! I’m sorry – I thought you were referring to something in one of the three images in the post! Oh, yes – that’s one of my old digital pieces. 🙂 The reference to Eric Clapton was by Barbara, not me. She just used these pieces in her own posts. You can find other instances of my digital work around the internet still. (That said, be aware that there’s a Facebook page called ‘Colouring the Past’ that’s not mine, it’s by another photocolourist. English, too, I think!) I also had some of these on Flickr (with a Creative Commons licence) for a couple of years but my email account associated with it was always glitchy so I got rid of it.

      If I can find the original, would you like a (free) copy of the artifacts image?

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  2. I wonder why they colored the photo the way they did? Maybe to make the postcard more interesting? I collect old postcards, but I don’t remember seeing anything colored this way!
    As for your blogs, I’m glad you’re sharing the coloring techniques on this one! They are fun to see, especially for someone like me who also loves old photos. I don’t have your patience (or talent) to actually do it, but I do love seeing what you do. Thanks, Val!

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    1. I’ve no idea why they chose that colouring, it’s very unusual. I’d assumed when I bought them that it was not original and that I could very easily remove it (digitally, I mean) but when they arrived in the post I was so in awe of them that I didn’t want to alter a thing! Glad you are enjoying my colourings in this blog. Thanks, Ann.

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