Where are we going?


To the seaside, of course!

The coloured version of this pic is the one I use for my Facebook Page header. You know about my Facebook Page, right? Oh, you don’t? Well, it’s called Val’s Vintage Potpourri and as well as showing my colouring work, it’s an excuse for me to share my other vintage interests which cover a very wide area and time period.   (This isn’t my personal Facebook page but what used to be known as a ‘fan page’.)

I don’t yet have many Likes on the page, nor many followers – ditto here on this blog and website – mostly because both are still so new, (and on Facebook also because they insist on payment for publicity and at the moment I’d rather avoid that route), but also because I’m the world’s worst at self-publicity. Really bad at it, I am. (What is it that talks back to front, is it a wookie? No? Probably not.)  And the annoying thing is that I do try. Not very hard, but I do try.

So I have a request… could you help? Indeed, would you help, please?

If you are on Facebook, please Like and Follow my page. And when you’ve done that, if you see any posts you enjoy, please share them with your friends there.

Here on my blog, there are sharing buttons beneath most of my posts, for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and for Pinterest. So you can share my posts to those sites, quite easily.  As well as that, if you have a blog here on WordPress.com, there is a reblog button which enables you to share with your own blog readers an excerpt (and usually one image) from my blog with an automatic link back to it. That would help me, too. Oh and there is also an Email button so you can email a post excerpt to a friend or relative (or yourself!) then they can click the link and come to the blog.

But it’s not just about publicity. Even aside from my need for a wider audience for my work, I love, just love, having people visit my blog and so far very few people know about it. So your visits, follows and comments are very welcome. I try only to follow blogs that I enjoy and don’t mind if you don’t follow me back as I’d far rather have a readership that truly enjoys my posts… but then, I know my content is rather specialist and not to everyone’s taste. And that leads me onto something else…

On my Facebook page, Val’s Vintage Potpourri, I share my vintage interests as well as my work and I’ve been posting to it all sorts of things from video footage of Edwardian people to music from my own youth. I don’t know how it will develop in the future, but I do know that what I’m putting into it and how I’m doing it feels very natural to me, while here in my blog, I often feel I’d like to post more than just my photocolouring work.  So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to be expanding the content of this blog to include some of my other vintage interests. I’ll also be showing some work in progress, as well as some of my collecton of vintage photos and postcards that I haven’t coloured. Oh, and from time to time, I shall be posting ‘mystery’ photos that I’d like your input and help on… ideas, thoughts, knowledge.  You’ll still see my photocolouring and restorations but perhaps not in every post, or I might combine the two.

And… you never know… there might be some humour in it too! (Steady on, Val… don’t overdo it!)

I’d love to know your thoughts on some or all of this! Are you happy to help and share my posts? Are you on any of the sharing sites? Will you feel let down if I vary the content of this blog? Or would you prefer it? What are your specific vintage interests?  What are your thoughts on the before and after image at the top of this post? Or your thoughts on anything else in the post?

So, let’s see how it goes. In the meantime, here’s a video that I found on YouTube called ‘A Trip to the Seaside’.



21 thoughts on “Where are we going?

    1. Curiously, I remember a sort of ‘skirt’ bathing costume from the 1950s that I think must have been styled on 1940s ones (so maybe style does go backwards.) Thanks, Yvonne. Glad my colouring works, and glad you enjoyed the vid. I love it! 🙂

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  1. Yoda it is who talks back to front — LOL! I’m afraid the rates of skin cancer are going to encourage people to cover up more at the beach. At least women don’t wear all those mounds of clothes and lacings and stuff any more. We’ve come a long way, baby.

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  2. I loveto see sepia photos but I agree that they are brought to life in colour. How do you decide what colours to use as a matter of interest. Happy to share FB posts . do you have a Pinterest page too?

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    1. Colour choice is something I’ll be writing about in a future post (hopefully not too far in the future!) but if you want a bit of a clue, have a look at the pdf file that’s linked to on my info page. 🙂 Thanks for offer of shares, that’s great. And yes, I do have a Pinterest page, though haven’t yet put much of my colouring work on it. This is it: https://www.pinterest.com/valazure/ It IS however, full of the usual sort of stuff you find on the site… y’know… too much of everything! I get phases of using Pinterest and when I do, I tend to get stuck there for hours!


  3. I always have a difficult time deciding which tie to wear to the beach! I have to stay true to my niche on my blog, but if you had colorized a photo that had one or more cats in the photo somewhere, I could get away with reblogging that. I don’t follow people with WordPress although I have a WP blog. But I can follow you on Bloglovin, but don’t expect much from there!


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    1. I have a photo for the near future, that has a cat in it, so maybe you’d like to reblog that when I post it. 🙂 I love photos that have people’s pets in them, and actually look out for them. Is Bloglovin’ not a good site? I’ve never used it. Is it the Reader you dislike for following people on WordPress? If so, I’ve a ‘Follow’ page here in which you can follow by email – click this link (which will open in another page or tab. Clicking the page link won’t commit you to anything) to see it:

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        1. I don’t suppose that many people know about it. I used to use Google Reader (at least, I think that’s what I used!) but when it closed down, I didn’t bother using a feed reader anymore. I think people here prefer either the onboard reader or email… some just pop in.

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  4. Even in my young days, we all wore far more clothes on the beach. But, that was because they were more formal, and reflected what most people wore. I have plenty of photos of myself and my brother playing on the beach, and if I wasn’t in swimming trunks, then I was in school blazer and shirt and trousers! My dad would be in jacket and trousers, and mum in a summer frock.


    1. Mmm, yes, I also have photos of myself on holiday wearing my primary-school blazer. You’re right, we were a bit more formal even then. Thanks for yoru comments, Mick, and for the follow… I hope you enjoy my content!

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