My Uncle and Aunt

This is a photo of my uncle Morrie and aunt Sylvia. It’s a photo I’ve had for a long time but hadn’t thought to colour til recently.  I didn’t do very much restoration on it, though there’s certainly more that could be done.

I had to guess at the colours. I knew both of them, but they died many years ago and my memory of their tastes has pretty much gone. His trousers look pale as does his pullover, so I thought a beige or cream would be best. I don’t know if he’d have worn a tie of that colour but, remembering that many of his generation in that side of my family liked clothes to match, I went for a similar colour.

The boards (presumably on a pier) looked too well-kept to be old wood, so I’ve avoided the greening that I tend to use for wood in seaside photos.

I’m always critical of my colourings after I’ve done them, and I think I could have desaturated the shadows more than I did to give sharper contrast in the bright sunshine, and put some more tonality in his shoes, but oh well, it is what it is.


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