Me and Dog


Way back in the early 1970s, I visited a friend in Meols, on the Wirral Peninsula (near Liverpool). I’m allergic to a whole load of animals including dogs and cats, so can’t have any of my own but I’ve always gone sort of crazy-happy when I’ve found a friend with a dog or cat. My friend had this dog… and she took a photo of us together sitting on a bench overlooking the sea.  I can’t be with most animals for very long because otherwise I get ill, but I do love them! 🙂

Anyway, a few years ago, I coloured this photo. The long top I was wearing was in a crinkly sort of fabric called ‘crepe’ (not sure if it is still used?) It’s not the most comfortable fabric to wear but it looks good. And it was a two-tone pattern in black and either a deep red or rust, but by the time I did the photo I couldn’t remember the exact shade, so I just went with what looked right. I was far more likely in those days to wear red than rust.  If my fingertips hadn’t been buried in the dog’s fur, I think they would have been wearing deep red nail-varnish, as was usual for me in those days.

I remembered the colour of my bag (purse, if you’re American), and recalled the colour of the trousers and boots, so that was fine. My hair was a very dark brown but in sunshine it always shone with a touch of chestnut brown. Later I began dyeing my hair but after an allergic reaction to the dye, I stopped that and now just put up with the grey/brown mix that is my natural colour.

I didn’t remember the colour of the dog, but I knew it was something and white. I didn’t do the white part very well, but have left it as it is.

The bench was easy to do and I love colouring wooden items.

The low wall behind me, is of a type that I have seen many, many times so I knew the colour that would be. As for the pavement… I had to guess that, and decided to use the colour that some other seaside places used then.

I’ve another pic of me with a dog, for a future post. And there’ll also be a post with a cat. And there may even be one with a baby elephant…  Stay tuned!

19 thoughts on “Me and Dog

  1. Looks like a nice day ! Kind of curious about the baby elephant. I had a Lab when I was growing up, and miss him. But last night, I was playing with a Lab that belongs to friends of ours, and I’d forgotten that the young ones like to chew on your hands, she liked the way mine taste, I guess, and did it most of the evening! 🙂

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    1. Labradors are lovely dogs, if I were able to have a dog, I’d probably go for either a lab or a spaniel (my family had a cocker spaniel – and other pets – before my allergies were discovered.)

      I need to check with someone first that I can post the elephant one as there’s a person in the pic, too. I had it posted in an old blog years ago but have since updated the colouring on the photo (there were some bits that I missed out last time, though I dare say there still are!) and – well, I like to check when it’s someone I know.

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      1. Labs are sweet-tempered and fun-loving, but as you probably know, they shed like crazy, all through the year, and need baths pretty much constantly. I’ve recently met a couple of “Labradoodles” (yes a pretty silly name) which are a Labrador/Standard Poodle mix, I think they are supposed to be hyproallergenic, and they were great guys, very friendly.

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        1. I didn’t know they shed that much. (I guess it’s a good thing dogs like water if they need frequent baths!) It’s not only the hair/fur that’s the problem for people with dog or cat allergies, but the dander, so I’ve never really understood how Labradoodles can be low-allergy (not that I’ve ever met one!) 🙂

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          1. I looked at the Kennel Club site, because I wondered, too, and it says “These dogs have a predictable, non-shedding coat which produces less dander.” I wonder what the heck they mean by “predictable” — do you ever remember a dog’s coat doing something surprising, like shrinking in the wash, or running off on it’s own? 🙂

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  2. Great photo Val. I see that the wind was blowing. I reckon the wind was coming from the ocean. The colors are great and I think you probably got the dog right. He looks to be a cross between an English collie and a Golden Retriever but that is merely my guess since I don’t know if his colors are exact- not that that makes any difference.

    To be honest many women in the states refer to their purse as a bag. I think ads even refer to them as hand bags. I’ve always called mine a purse since I don’t carry a really large one. A huge bag is not becoming for a small framed person. I suppose mine are always medium and I make sure to have one with a shoulder strap.

    I think that crepe is still used for some clothing but I could be wrong about that too.

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    1. It was probably a gentle wind, as Meols is on the north west coast of England, on the edge of peninsula. I wouldn’t have been able to sit in a fierce wind because of my asthma.

      You might be right about the breed of the dog – I used to be able to tell the difference between a lot of them, but no longer can. I can recognise some on sight, but not many these days.

      I used to use a small handbag when I was in my early teens then my rather cute magenta handbag was swapped (by me) for a shoulder bag with long tassels during my hippy days. And after that I wasn’t able to go back to handbags. I don’t feel comfortable unless my bag’s slung around my shoulder. The one in this pic was, I think, suede. I’d use one til it fell apart then buy a new one. I think some of the old ‘make do’ tendency carried over to me from my parents’ generation. My current one is decades old and I’ve still not replaced it! I wonder if ‘purse’ comes from the type of bag carried in one hand? Here, a purse is for money (coins) only. Thanks, Yvonne.

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