Brolly and Boater Couple




What a cheery couple. And aren’t they enjoying how they look? His smile, his hat, the way he holds his gloves. Her umbrella held between first and middle fingers. Her little hat and all those beads she’s wearing. Quite a fashion statement! And her smile – she’s positively beaming.

Most of the photos of antique boaters I’ve seen have had a black band round them but I wanted this to be warmer so I gave him a brown one. I’ve given her a cream blouse and a pale green skirt as I wanted it to look a little bit more modern.

I frequently base womens’ clothes colours on what jewellery they are wearing. Things usually match or contrast. I felt she was more of a contrast sort of person.

I’ve used neutral colours for the floor, wall and skirting board.

I brightened the photo and gave it more contrast but have kept the ambience of an indoor environment.

Right, well… I’m now going to take a break for a week or two from my blog and social media, as I’ve been overdoing it! (My friends and many of my family know this pattern. For those who don’t, it’s nothing to worry about, I just need a while to recharge from time to time.) Do please comment on this or any other of my previous posts, I’ll moderate comments on my return!

Thanks so much for being here and enjoying my blog and its contents. I do appreciate all of you.


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