Wedding Party (work in progress)


This is from my collection of vintage photos, and is a work still in progress. There’s still a bit left to do on it, but I thought you might like to see it at this stage. Click the image a few times to see it larger and in more detail. (You’ll eventually see the cursor become a plus sign, that means you can click to make the image full size.)

I was attracted to this photo because of the expressions on the people’s faces.The only one who looks even vaguely relaxed is the young woman near the bride.

The children… are they bored witless? Tired? Have they had an argument? Maybe they’ve been told off…. what could they have done to have deserved that?

The bride seems like her mind has wandered off the planet. Is she thinking “Oh no! What have I done?” Or that her new husband has a stray hair sticking out of his nose? Or does she just badly need a pee?

The Best Man is biting his lip. Is he trying to avoid saying something he’ll regret? Did he just stop himself from declaring his undying love for the bride? (Or the groom?)

And what of the strange fellow in the background? (Now you’ll definitely have to look at the larger version to see him.) Who is he? What is he doing? He’s certainly amused about something.

In case you’re wondering what still needs doing, amongst other things the flowers need to have more convincing colours (many are not coloured at all yet) and I need to do something with the white clothes to make them look more realistic. The stained glass of the outer window probably needs a little bit of desaturation as, in daylight, it wouldn’t look as bright. The glass behind the people is backlit and so the colours will be more saturated. I’ve not yet coloured the other young woman’s hat, or their socks or shoes, there’s also a little attention to be paid to hair and I need to vary the skin colour a bit, people aren’t usually all the same shade! There’s also a tiny bit of restoration still to do. Chances are you wouldn’t notice a lot of these things, but I do!

I’ll be showing you some more WIP (Works In Progress) in future posts, probably at earlier stages of work than this.

Tell me what you think of this photo and the people in it. Does anything strike you about them, do you ‘hear’ a story in your head about them, like I do a lot of the time? What are they saying to you?

I wish I knew where it was, who the people were, but I bought it on its own and don’t have any details about it.

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32 thoughts on “Wedding Party (work in progress)

  1. The strange man just peeking over the best man’s shoulder is concentrating, keeping his shotgun pressed to the groom’s back.
    The flower girl on the right has been studying a statue of a martyred saint, and has adopted that expression as her own. She’s even cast her eyes heavenward.
    I bought Photoshop recently, haven’t really used it yet. The first instruction video I watched, was about their facial modification gadget. With a few clicks of the button, you can make people appear to be smiling broadly — are you ever tempted to tweak the expressions? In this case, it would take full power just to get to “resigned,” not sure even Photoshop could manage “happy”! But I think your coloring is coming along beautifully.

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    1. Haha! Yeah, that’d give ‘shotgun wedding’ a whole new meaning! 🙂 And yep, the girl does look like she’s mimicking a martyred statue of a saint. Poor child. (You make me laugh. That’s good!) The Photoshop I use is Photoshop Elements. I recently bought an updated version that has the facial tweak which is very funny but not very useful (I’d thought of it for crafts use rather than this work, then I could design faces and tweak them to suit, but it just didn’t happen as PSE15 is very glitchy and I ended up uninstalling it from my pc (though left it on my husband’s pc and he’s a bit dubious about it too.) So I’ve gone back to using an earlier version that I’m happier with. Which Photoshop did you buy? By the way, if you look at the PSE15 photos of the tweaked photos, you might be able to make out that they used the ‘after’ first… to my eye, anyway, it looks like the smiling child is the original and the unsmiling one is the tweaked version. When there’s a change in expression, the whole face should change, not just a bit of it. Oh well… maybe one day they’ll get it right!

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  2. It doesn’t look like a happy wedding at all! And I didn’t notice the strange buy peeking over the groom’s shoulder until you mentioned him, but once I did, I couldn’t help but wonder who he was and why he was there. Good photo, Val! And what you’ve done to it makes it look even better.

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  3. The two little girls are so over the excitement of being in a wedding, likely due to being micromanaged by adults involved. The bride is probably the big sister of one of them, probably the girl on the left, and in the way of children her age, thinks entirely too much fuss is being made about the whole thing. The bride and groom are dazed because the whole thing got way more complicated and elaborate than either of them are comfortable with and the post wedding reality check is about to set in. Hidden Man has just made a wisecrack and the best man is trying hard not to guffaw. Both the bride and groom would have settled for a quiet ceremony in a registry office somewhere, but the bride’s mother wasn’t having any of it. She has taken over and steamrolled the whole thing into a three ring circus. HER daughter was going to get the sort of posh wedding she never had.

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  4. Ja die kolorierte Foto sieht für uns einfach “besser” aus, obwohl die Farben die Zeit nicht verändert. Die grau schwarz weissen Bilder waren halt für die Augen der damaligen Menschen normal, währenddem unsere Augen black/white nicht mehr gewohnt sind. Ich jedenfalls mag sie sehr.

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  5. This is fascinating work, Val, and so painstaking. Very interesting to see the before and after side by side – the past coming to life – a topic much on my mind as I’ve been back recently on the family history trail. Unfortunately I have very few old photos to go on. Grandmother was a great thrower away.

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    1. Thanks, Tish. That’s a shame about your grandmother having thrown away so many. I had a cousin who I’d hoped I might be able to get some from and she told me that she’d thrown a lot out as “you can’t keep everything”. I was stunned. There are certainly things to chuck out but I’ve never thought of photos as part of that decluttering thing.


  6. Why do you think the bride’s bouquet is so big? I think it may be hiding the fact that there will be a baby along in 5 or 6 months!
    I think the woman in the background is the sister of the groom and of the girl on the left, but that may be because their skin tones look similar, even in the black and white version.
    Little girl on the right does look exceptionally unhappy. I would think she was the bride’s child, not looking forward to life with a stepfather, but then the bride wouldn’t be wearing white, would she?

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  7. What a great job you’re doing with the colours! Really brings the photo to life. The man at the back is certainly a curious character – perhaps he’s the amusing uncle 🙂 The looks on the children’s faces are wonderful – typical, I think, of youngsters forced into the role of bridesmaids (and pageboys). I was a bridesmaid four times around the ages of 5, 11, 12, and 27. I had no front teeth the first time, was self-conscious and grumpy the middle two times, and happy and relaxed the last time!

    By the way, I can see the facebook icon but nowhere to leave a like (which would show your post on my blog).

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    1. Thanks and – aww, I bet you were a sweet bridesmaid! I was never asked, probably because I was incredibly shy and timid when little.

      I turned off post Likes for the time being as I find it reduces reader participation: more people leave likes, fewer people comment. I really want more comments here. I may turn them back on again later. I mentioned this in a previous post, not long ago but possibly before you began following my blog. It’s here:

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      1. It’s lovely to have comments and to know what people think about one’s work (or anything else!). I’ve been on WP for about 6 and a half years and in the early days was part of a large community of photo bloggers who would leave regular comments on each other’s blogs. There’s not so many of the old crowd now and I miss the contact with them. I really understand your preference for active interaction, rather than the more passive ‘like’.

        I do enjoy receiving and giving likes; I know that someone has taken the time to come and have a look. I may not always comment on someone else’s blog (in absence of anything worthy or interesting to say!) so I like to show my appreciation with a like. Also, a link to the liked post will show up in the footer on my blog, hopefully showcasing the post for other followers to look at!

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        1. Yes, I understand. Thanks! (By the way, have you a first name or nickname I can use, instead of ‘Meanderer’?)
          I hadn’t realised you had been blogging for so long – was it all on The Lantern Room? I started blogging here in 2009, but of course not on this blog, and began blogging originally five years before that. So you and I, we’re old hands at this! 🙂


          1. Some of my long-time blogging buddies call me M – so feel free to use that 🙂 Regarding time, it’s interesting how that 6 odd years feels: in some ways it doesn’t feel that long ago, but in other ways so many things in my life have changed that it feels like an eternity!

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