Young woman and child


This was a postcard I bought quite some while ago. As you can see, the original is sepia but has silvering over quite a lot of it. Thankfully, most is surrounding the main image, so the simplest way to deal with it was just to do what I did with the background in Elf Children. Then I decided to give it a similar treatment by keeping the colours quite simple.

I’ve brought out the colour of their lips and the child’s eyes, but have kept the skin tones fairly similar, that keeps some of the period feel to it without losing its sense of reality.

26 thoughts on “Young woman and child

    1. Mmm… it’s quite a process when there’s a lot of restoration to do or when there is a lot of detail, but this one (thankfully) didn’t present any such problems. I do agree, though, that it brings it to life. Thanks, Linda.


    1. Mmm, no, I haven’t. But d’you know… if I did, I’d colour just one and then superimpose its colouring over the other.
      And, apart from that, Steve… do you like the colouring I did on this?


      1. Sure thing: it looks great. Your retouched version is likely better than the original was even when it was brand new, especially given that the image is now color rather than monochrome.

        Your idea of superimposing the coloring of one half over the other half should work best for relatively distant subjects, whose left and right images would be almost identical. The closer the subject was to the camera, the more discrepancies there would be between the two halves of the stereo pair, and the more adjustments you would have to make when you transferred the colors from one half to the other. If each bit of color were in a digital layer of its own, the adjustments probably wouldn’t be hard.

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        1. Thanks, Steve. As well as colouring, I do a fair amount of restoration too, on most of the photos. In the past people have often commented on the clarity that I’m able to bring to them, that’s mostly because I try to restore the light/shade balance that goes AWOL through time on the originals.

          I might have to try colouring a stereo image sometime. I have some of my family that I scanned (I gave the originals to a relative) so wouldn’t be able to test them in a viewer, but it would be an interesting project for some time in the future.


          1. I encourage you to give it a try. Perhaps you could temporarily borrow back the viewer from your relative. If not, you’ll find many stereo viewers, both originals and replicas, for sale on the Internet.

            Yes, I’ve noticed the restoration you do in addition to adding color. Your customers must appreciate that.

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