Couple with Parasol (W.I.P.)


How do you like this?

I think it is probably British, but I’ve no idea where it was taken. I have another photo of these two people with their friends, I hope to do both in due course. I did do a version of the other one but wasn’t happy with it so want to rework it.

Isn’t that a curious structure on the roof? I presume it’s for taking tea in the open, but am not sure. Maybe it’s for looking at the sky at night, though I can’t make out if there’s a telescope there. Have you ever seen anything like it?

It’s obviously a hot day – not just because of the parasol, but because of how many windows are open!

I’ve been trying to track down the man’s insignia on his pocket, but haven’t had any luck. Any ideas? To me it looks like an A and an M overlapping each other.  My husband thinks maybe a rowing club or some other sporting club, but I wonder if it’s a university, though it seems a bit too informal for that.

Click the photo a few times to see it larger and more clearly, as this is a smaller version (it’ll open in a new tab or new window so you can get back to this post more easily).

This photo is a work in progress. I still have the restoration to do and a lot of tidying up of the colours and a fair bit more colouring, not least the tables, and the building in the background and the paintwork.

12 thoughts on “Couple with Parasol (W.I.P.)

    1. Yes, it would be… I have so many photos and RP (real photographic) postcards that it’s something I often think about. I keep promising people a post on this subject but haven’t written it yet. Will do, one day. At the moment I’d be happy to find the location – and work out what the initials on the man’s jacket stand for. Thanks, Sam.

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  1. I zoomed in but my screen wasn’t sharp enough – – are there lights on that dome-shaped framework (like Xmas lights)? Maybe it’s “just for nice” to advertise the cafe. The couple looks very nice, if I ever wore white pants, I’d have mustard or ketchup or something on them within an hour.

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    1. Yes, I think you’re right, Robert. Greg in another comment also realised this, and I feel a bit silly not having spotted it myself. But then I guess I just hadn’t got around to looking at that detail as I was focussed more on the people. Any thoughts of what the thing is to the left of the doorway on the other building, the one in the distance? I’d wondered if it was a rack of postcards but I think this is probably too early for that. Maybe a decorative trellis? I can’t make it out properly.

      Yeah, you and me both with mustard or ketchup on white clothes!


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  2. This is what I think. I notice the dome ribbing is connected directly to the railing. Maybe this was a balcony and the dome added later. I have a strong feeling the dark bumps or lumps on the dome are not part of the construction. They run horizontally along the top of the railing, and also horizontally along the first horizontal rib of the dome. They do not match up with the rib vertical and horizontal crossings, so they are not part of the construction. They are however uniformly separated. I believe they are LIGHTS! It may be to attract people to the establishment at night. The only other reason to have tight close-in ribbing in a dome would be to hold panes of glass, but I can’t see that in the photo. Then again, I cannot see glass in the black and white photo in the other windows either! Maybe glass is there!

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    1. Oh you clever person! Thank you! I think you’re right, they’re lights. It’ll be to show the public that the cafe is there, at night. I hadn’t spotted that at all!

      I just had a look online at the date of seaside illuminations (as it is probably either by the sea or a club of some sort) and the light-bulb type seem to be from the mid to late 1920s, so that would fit with what I think the date of the photo might be.

      I don’t think there’s glass in the dome because there are no reflections, while there are a few – albeit blurry – reflections in the opened glass windows below.

      Now I wonder where it is… wouldn’t it be great if I could find it? Thanks again, Greg.

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