Maude Fealy – variations


This is the actress, Maude Fealy. I did an over-all tint with just her eyes and lips different, to make it look like she’s in stage-lighting, but can’t decide which version out of two that I like best. Which do you think is better? Click the image a few times to see it larger. It will open in a new tab or window.

When I first began collecting vintage postcards, I’d come across those of early – usually Edwardian – Actresses (and Actors) and thought “Oh, I don’t want these, everyone has them!” I resolved never to buy any. Then I saw Maude and my resolution went out the window….

Below is a YouTube video of the movies Maude appeared in. I hope you enjoy them!


19 thoughts on “Maude Fealy – variations

  1. I’m not sure exactly why, but I prefer the middle image. The one on the right seems a little too contrasty to me. She is a lovely woman, no matter the image. Her name seems familiar, although I’m not enough of a film buff to ever have seen one of her films. I enjoyed that addition to the post.

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  2. I like the one on the far right as well. I have a large – couple of hundred – collection of film star photos from silent movie days, inherited via my mother from an old woman she knew. Many are signed, some just stamps but a few original signatures with the woman’s name. She would write from New Zealand to Hollywood or to UK locations, in praise of films she’d seen and these were sent back to her. Some are very beautiful photos and, though I know your work here is about colour tinting, I do love their sepia tones.

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