Two Women and a Dog


I’ve had this photo a long time and originally coloured it a few years ago. I think the dog is a Scottish terrier, fondly known to most Brits as a Scottie dog. I don’t know the location of this photo but it’s obviously a park.

I seem to have been a bit neglectful with a few bits of this – the blue dressed woman’s feet particularly.. blue socks? Blue shoes?   And the woman on the left seems to have slightly lilac hair.


Oh well.

The main thing is that I love the photo – both versions of it! How about you, do you love the photo?


27 thoughts on “Two Women and a Dog

  1. Believe it or not, I can remember — if a little vaguely — when colored nylon stockings were in fashion. It was considered quite uptown to have nylons that matched your dress. They were expensive, and were worn only on special occasions: at least, in my circles. I remember wearing navy blue, white, black, and peach. When I did an image search, I found photos of blue, red with sequins, and green — so your lady in blue might have been right in style.

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    1. Yep, I remember the coloured stockings (and socks), too. I wore them as well. That was the 1960s. But this photo is from an earlier period and it really isn’t correct. Then again – maybe they time travelled! 🙂

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  2. A while back I broached the subject of 3-D photo pairs. This morning I got curious about looking at one of your uncolored/colored pairs as if I were looking at a stereo pair. The result was as expected: the merged image is flat, of course, because the halves are identical in composition. The merged image is colored, but only half as much as the right half.


  3. Somehow I missed this post but after deleting many blogs that I do not comment on. I saw your post notice. I of course, like this one, since it has a pretty black dog. I know nothing about stockings since I always wore black nylons if in a black dress and nude ones for all else. I don’t see any imperfections since I am not looking for them in your photos. All you coloring looks perfect to me.

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