Two women with ornate clothing


I did this some while ago but remember that it took me a very long time to do – particularly all the detail in the green dress with the indication of a slip or petticoat underneath.

I assume it’s either devoré velvet or some type of lace, either way it needed a delicate touch to bring through a sense of its reality. Her wrap is probably silk or chiffon.

It’s surprising what detail shows when tonality is enhanced and colour is added. I hadn’t been able to see the texture in the curtain at the back until I began to work on this photo, nor could I properly see the edging of each dress layer. And I nearly overlooked the jewellery the younger woman is wearing on her left arm.

However, I think I should have done a little more work on the older woman’s jewellery and possibly varied the colouring in the two types of fabric of her clothes. Maybe in the future. As you might guess, I often do other versions.




22 thoughts on “Two women with ornate clothing

  1. That pattern on the sleeve of the older woman’s dress — wow!. Can’t quite make out whether whatever that is she’s wearing over her dress is a long, wide shawl or some sort of duster/wrapper/kimono. I’m tending toward the latter because of the way it’s folded around her neck. If you wanted to drive yourself nuts, you might try enhancing her pince-nez with a little gold. This appears to be a “high status” couple, as they say in the archaeological world. I wonder if they are mother/daughter. There is a resemblance in the eyes and chin. That green dress is definitely some sort of openwork lace — possibly even Belgian lace or fine crochet — with some sort of under-dress beneath. It looks couturier, and I bet it fetched a pretty penny, too. Whatever that is the older woman is wearing over her dress, looks like cashmere. It has the right drape.

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    1. Curiously, I had the feeling from the way the light hit it that the sleeve and main part of the older woman’s dress, was quilted, possibly in satin, and I hadn’t really thought of it as a pattern but of course it is – whether it’s quilted or not. (It might even be some kind of velvet, from the way the bulkiness of the dress fabric showing through her outerwear. Yes, I think the outer garment is some sort of kimono type wrapper. Not sure it’s cashmere, more like silk.

      I really should have put a larger version here then you could see more detail. The glasses seem to be rimless so obnly the part on her nose would be gilt (or silver, but more likely gilt – or gold – as you suspect).

      I’d also wondered if they are related – mother and daughter, perhaps (or grandmother?) not least because they both have deep-set eyes.


  2. It’s always amazing to me, how much difference the color makes. I know almost nothing about about fashion,but I know what I like (as they say) and I really like both of these women’s dress. I’d never wear anything like this myself, even if I could afford it, but I’ll still say, “Ohhh… pretty.”

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