Little Roselyne


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This is a child called Roselyne age 26 months in December 1953, which would make her my contemporary. I hope she’s still happy and still alive, possibly still in France, though of course just because the writing on the back of the card is in French doesn’t mean that’s where she’s from, there are plenty of other countries where French is the native language.

Apart from the details on the back of this postcard-style photo, I don’t know who she is, this card was part of a collection of photos I bought some while back, of children and babies, as colouring photos of children is one of my most favourite things to do!

I’ve gone for a soft pink and lilac look to this and hope her skin tone looks fairly gentle. I tend to avoid putting blush into children’s (and adult’s) cheeks as I think it can make them look more like caricatures than real people, so I leave that to the viewer’s imagination. Generally, in my own colourings, I find that once the light and shade has been balanced, the skin tonalities find their own levels.

It would be nice to think that Roselyne might, one day, be looking at photos online and recognise herself. If she does, I hope she will contact me so that I can send her photo to her.

Here’s the back of the photo:

18 thoughts on “Little Roselyne

  1. I can see why you love coloring children. Those cheeks on this one! ❤

    Agreed on the adding blush to cheeks – it always seemed like it was just a step too far where I've seen it done. Finding the natural skin tone always seems (at least to me) better.

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  2. It’s not impossible that Roselyne might contact you one day. I’ve been surprised by a few contacts I’ve received from people who were looking for information on the internet, and found a mention of a relative or friend on my site. You just never know. If she did find this image, there’s no question she’d be pleased. You’ve done a lovely job. Have you explored the mark on the back of the card?

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    1. Thanks, Linda.
      I hope she does find me. I’ve also got some other photos that belonged to a family and am in the (slow) process of trying to find out enough about them to try to reconnect them with their owners – or descendants of their owners. With the exception of my own family ones, I regard myself very much as the ‘guardian’ of all these photos rather than their owner.

      No, I’ve not looked into the mark, yet. Will do one day. (So many other things to do at the moment, unfortunately.)

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    1. Danke, Ernst.

      Thanks, Ernst.

      Du bist ein bisschen älter als ich.

      You are a bit older than me.

      Hast du selbst versucht, deine Fotos zu färben?

      Did you try to color your photos yourself?

      Übersetzung via Google Translate. ich verstehe kein deutsch!)

      (Translation via Google Translate. I don’t understand German!)


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