The original photograph above was rather blurry so I didn’t know whether I’d be able to achieve good results. The woman’s face is the most out of focus, so I decided to give her a softer-looking skin tone and to keep the backdrop image more of an illustration than anything more detailed.

Apologies for lacklustre post. I’ll try to do better when my pc returns from being repaired, whenever that may be.






20 thoughts on “Couple

  1. i always look at these old photographs — as you do — through questions. Who where you? What was your life like? Were you happy together? What happened to you? We as a species are story tellers. It’s in our nature. We look at these old photographs and we want to know the stories that go with them. We can play detective and tease out the clues — they were probably . . . because . . . Or we can just let our imaginations run away with us. I would argue that photographs of people are our most human artifact.

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