Just for fun – something different

Partial Colour

While I’m not the greatest fan of partial desaturations in a photo, sometimes I do one just for fun. This is a photo I took several years ago of a visiting pheasant and his new hen and a ‘passerby’.

This is a very simple technique but gives an interesting effect, though what I prefer (but obviously didn’t do in this one) is give an overall tint of a totally different colour to the background rather than leave it as grayscale.

Oh and the reason for the birds rather than people? Sometime in the near future (well, I hope it’ll be near, rather than distant) I’m planning a new blog, to feature birds and humour. Don’t worry, I won’t be getting rid of this one. 🙂

Other than that… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my PC is okay now, though I’m still rather wary about putting many files on it and what I have put on it, I’m backing up each day – like my life depends on it!

Also for the nearish future I shall probably be changing the decor and format of this site and blog… so if things suddenly look different that’ll be why.

I’ll get back to my usual posts, soon.



12 thoughts on “Just for fun – something different

  1. I have a real fondness for pheasants. They were common where I grew up, and once a year we’d have a pheasant dinner. My father and uncles and some friends would head out into the corn fields, and bring home a brace of birds each — or so they hoped. I wasn’t that fond of pheasant. I much preferred chicken. However, I did get the wonderful tail feathers, which excited me no end. Our species was different, of course, but just as beautiful.

    I like the desaturated treatment. Very occasionally, I’ll do just a little of that — maybe five percent — if a background is so vibrant it makes the subject hard to distinguish. On the other hand, the colored image certainly does show the beauty of the grass those birds are enjoying. It even looks tasty to me.

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    1. While I’m not a fan of birds being bred specially for hunting, I understand your excitement. Have you seen any all-black or all-white pheasants? We’ve sighted two white and one black in the fields near our house recently, and one of the white ones has taken a fancy to the sheep-pasture at the front!

      Desaturation can be very effective, particularly when done in a more gentle way as you’ve discovered. Thanks, Linda.

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