Victoria Station (W.I.P.)

Partial Colour, vintage

Work in progress, Victoria Station photocolouring by Val Erde. Lower one is the original.

(Click a couple or so times for bigger images.)

Well… when I saw this I thought “I have to have it, another chance may not come again.” So I shelled out some money, bought it and just a few days later realised that I’d been ripped off as it was selling for lower amounts elsewhere. That was some years ago and I’m more careful these days.

This is Victoria Station in London, the mainline railway not the underground, photo taken in… oh, I’ve forgotten. About 1912 give or take a few years, I think.

It sat on my computer for a further few years, (the card not the station…) then I thought… “Shall I? Dare I? Should I?” When the question should have been ‘Can I?’.   Well, obviously I can, but… sometimes, well sometimes when I’m colouring something for me and not someone else… it just doesn’t quite happen. And that’s why this is a W.I.P. and why (I suspect) it might remain like that.

See, here’s the thing. I love it for the slice of history. I love it for imagining why the people were there that day, where were they going? Were they waiting for someone? How about the boys selling… what is it they are selling, anyway?

I had a look at the brickwork in the station itself (online, of course, my dedication to colouring photos doesn’t stretch to going from Wales to England to check brickwork. Knowing my luck, by the time I got there the grouting would’ve been redone.) And I discovered that where I thought it was yellowish brick, it might well have been red. Depends which platform it was at the time, which part of the station. Oh well.

So, going back to motivation… I’m interested in the people in it. And the goods in the shop windows fascinate me. And the signs… but the roof structure… Oh dear. My brain doesn’t really ‘do’ structure if it’s in metal. I had a tough enough time doing the bicycle in the father and daughter photo. And that corrugated iron (or whatever it is) ceiling. And… and… well.   So, I’ve left it as it is, with a bit of colouring.

Also… I’ve a horrible sense of direction so, when I went to have a look around the station on Google Streetview, I got as confused as confused can be.

Anyway, talking of leaving things, I’m going to be taking a blogging break for a while. Probablyfor a week or two, might be a bit more. Nothing terrible has happened and I’m not leaving home (so only a temporary ‘bye bye’. Sorry, Beatles,) but I have been overdoing things, overworking and – yikes, I’m so frazzled!

So I’ll see you when I return. (I may pop back on occasion and moderate some of the comments. Or I may leave them til I get back.) And I will try to catch up with your blog posts, if you’re a blogger, when I get back.

Be well! 🙂


25 thoughts on “Victoria Station (W.I.P.)

  1. I rather like the idea of traveling to see the brickwork only to find they’ve redone the grouting. 🙂 Or maybe I just like having the excuse (however feeble) for an adventure. At any rate, it’s fun to see a WIP with the coloring – sort of seeing the in-between transition. I hope you enjoy your break!

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