If there’s something that you want to say to me about my restoration or colouring work, or about vintage photos – anything really that’s in context to the content of this blog, but which doesn’t fit in with any specific post, you’re welcome to post a comment here (comment form, below) and I’ll answer it when I can.

Anything else, please use my contact form instead. Thanks!



2 thoughts on “TALK TO ME

  1. I so enjoyed the slideshow of photos you have coloured. It is amazing how you have brought these people to life: it is perhaps unimaginative of me, but I do struggle to see the characters in a black-and-white photo, but with your realistic colour and light, suddenly they become characters with stories to tell. (I have seen tinted photos before, but they look unnatural like puppets). Thank you for sharing!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow, thanks. No, it’s not unimaginative of you, once shown a monochrome photo that has been coloured, most people do note how it makes things clearer. I’m currently colouring a photo of a family in a small back garden and as I add colour even I notice more detail, not just in the garden but in the character of the people. Do look at my blog for some more photos, it’s here: and I think you’ll particularly enjoy this one: Thanks for your comment! (And what a lovely blog you have, I’ve just followed it!)


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